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My name is Kevin Menzies and I am located on the east coast of Australia (Sydney), and I have been teaching the ancient craft of Papertole since 1990.
Lets get started with Papertole, once you commence this ancient craft it will inspire beginners, as well as  the advanced toler to complete 'masterpieces' with an vast range of prints to choose from, obtainable specific suppliers local and overseas.
Papertole, a centuries old craft also known as 3 Dimensional Decoupage, and Vu de Optic is an interesting craft of using minimum 4 or more of the same prints, cutting out specific pieces starting from the background of the picture, moving to the middle-ground then the foreground, after shaping each individual piece then layering the cut pieces using neutral cure silicone to create a 3 dimensional image, that when completed and framed you have an heirloom piece of craft which lasts for years to come.
Should you advance to attempting a more difficult project of animals and birds this technique is called furring and feathering, and the use of at least a minimum 8 prints to give the animal or bird realism
Tools required for Papertole
Papertole Starter Kit, can be purchased for approximately $60, the kit should come with a set of prints with   instructions, and all the accessories required for completing a Papertole project.
  • Self Sealing cutting mat/board, this is used to cut out your individual pieces
  • Deluxe Padded Cutting Knife with extra blades
  • Paper sealer
  • Foam Brush
  • Edging Pen
  • Shaping Matt
  • Shaping Tool
  • Curved Neck Tweezers
  • Silicone
  • 3D Non Toxic, Water soluble Gloss
  • 1 Set prints of your choice.
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